Our website has a built in point system that lets users earn points for doing tasks on the website.  When you complete a task like sharing an ad you will earn the number of points associated with that task.  These points can then be used to get upgrades for your ads like being in the featured ads, a coloured border or a coloured background.

You can purchase points if you like, or they can be earned for FREE by being active on the site.  The more things you do the more points you will accumulate to upgrade your ads.  As we develop more features for the site we will add more ways for you to earn points.

points points

Ways to earn points

  • Register for an account and you will get 10 points to start with.
  • Get your profile verified! You get 50 points for having your profile verified.
  • Share a website banner or link to your profile & earn up to 2 points a day.
  • Share a link to your profile points on social media & earn upto 2 points a day.
  • Share your adverts with your advert link & earn upto 2 points a day.
  • Refer a friend and get 10 points when they register.
  • You can also buy points if you do not want to earn them.
  • More ways to earn FREE points comming soon!

  If you are active on the site and share links every day you will get enough points to enhance your ads after a few days.  By contributing to the site you are help all of us, each task you complete will improve the website.  We want you to be active on the site and help add content to it which help our search engine rankings and get more people viewing your ads..  

  Points have no cash value and are not transferable between accounts.  While we are making efforts to make sure the system cannot be abused we will remove points from users who are manipulating the system.  The point system will enhance your ads and help promote our site..


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