Banner Advertising!

We have a very limited amount of banner space available on our site.  This space is available on a first come, first serve basis and the funds are used for the costs of maintaining the site. The banner spaces available for rent at are $20CAD a month each..

Banners are displayed at the bottom of every page on the site as well as through out the list of ads and in the right column.  Currently we have about 8000 page views a day from non robots with the majority of the traffic coming from organic searches. Site traffic is continuing to increase on a slow and steady curve as advertising on our site grows.

Banner Positions:

Right Column - 10 Spaces available
Displayed on every public page.
Must be a 160 x 600 or 250 x 250 pixel format.

Between and After Content - 10 Spaces available
Displayed after ever 8 adverts in blog or list view and after the content of every page.
Must be 728 x 90 pixels & optoinal 250 x 250 pixel for mobile.

Bottom Banner - 5 Spaces available
Displayed in the bottom banner group on every page.
Must be 728 x 90 pixels & optoinal 250 x 250 pixel for mobile.

All banner ads must be no larger than and should be exactly 728 X 90 pixels in size. You can also include an optional mobile banner that is 250 X 250 pixels that is displayed only on mobile devices.  The ads are scaled automatically for mobile display and can be GIF or JPG formats up to 120KB in size. 

Your banner ad should also be in line with the type of content we have on the site and you must be an advertiser from Canada linking to a Canadian page or site..

If you wan to have your banner added to our site contact the administrator for more information!

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